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  1. bronpete

    bronpete Registered Member

    Dec 5, 2003
    Has anybody heard of any Hotmail mail being received with blank messages from using this program or Spybot?

    Pete from OZ
  2. New Raider

    New Raider Registered Member

    Dec 1, 2003
    I use Hotmail, and I get them all the time, even before I got Spybot S&D and SpywareGuard.
    When you get a blank message, it usually means it's spam or from a false source using spyware.
    For instance, I used to constently write to a radio show host named Simon Sujeewon. (won as in wannabe)
    In my address book, I only have his first name.
    Now I keep getting messages from Simon instead of Simon Sujeewon.
    The false friend can also have a message consisting of 1 or 2 words, like "Hi friend", and can be fowarded to everyone in your address book.
    A greeting card (image, animated pic, HTML, or rich text), is usually the spyware culprit.
    Never use 123Greetings, they use known spyware in their cards.
    Make sure you block their cookies, as well as their IP.
    If you use Unix/linux, you can use a program called "Cookie Jar", there's also an older version that uses Windows.
    It can work on XP, but it's more stable on Windows98 and ME.
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