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  1. Serfei

    Serfei Guest

    When I send windows into hibernation it saves the content of the ram
    to disk in the file hiberfil.sys, and when I boot the pc again, I can
    continue where I left.

    Is there a way to backup this ram state, so that I can (perhaps via
    dual boot) restore it at a later point and have my system start up in
    a previous saved state?

    Thanks for any help
  2. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
    Hello Serfei,

    TI 8 doesn't copy the content of the hiberfile or page file into the image although it does include "placeholders" for both.

  3. Maxoman

    Maxoman Guest

    I really advice you to be careful with that. It may damage your files/filessystem. Imaging you've hibernated the OS on one HD and work on that HD with an ther OS - you modify/copy move maybe run chkdsk or defrag on that HD and modify the filessystem structure. Now you resume the other OS which haven't notfied the changes and will assume data is still at the 'old' places on HD. The worst case -which happend to me first- is that you plug in your HD disk into some PC with an hiberanted OS. When I booted and the OS was resume it though my HD was the old one and wrote spreaded all over my HD data back to disk it had buffered in mem - after it crashed. Now I had a FAT-HD mixed with some NTFS.
    I need to consider nearly all of the data on my HD as corrupted, had to reconstruct the FAT save( check integrity) my data and completely reinstall windows and all programm.

    Now if you know and understand about the risks here is how to do:

    If you have two HD's boot (select in Bios) from the other so the Hibernatefile won't be used. Edit the Boot.ini to make your second HD boot from the first one. Use the windows CD recovery console and run 'help' / 'fixboot' to make your second HD bootable


    Install some linux bootloader like Grunt or Lilo they won't care about the hibernation file.
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