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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Southern Belle, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Southern Belle

    Southern Belle Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2006
    USA California

    i found the site searching for a problem that i cant seem to fix and hoping to get some suggestions from you kind ppl.

    i actually am not sure what, why or where but i do know when, lol.

    nite before last few after midnite i rebooted and had a strange error that the mpr.dll file was not found and something about initializing something that the mpr was not found. i thought hmmm ok we lets see if it comes up...<img> well for long time but noticed that when i tried to view a file txt or zipped etc that the error was bout the same always the mpr and then seemed as if giving reference to file [trying to open] was the one not found.

    certain menus will not work, send to, icons alot of programs wouldnt won't work. i tried to get to some utilities but when trying to install or run i had no luck there either.

    so i thought i would go into safe mode [oh yeah this pc is win98se] ok this should work safe mode can always getcha somewhere better lol...ha <img> WRONG! same error again and to top it off nothing would load, tried it twice and saying now mpr, dayuuum i forgot the other one. but tried extracting mpr from win98 cab and that worked fine up till the time i said lets go to

    we have the mpr.dll, mpserv.dll, msgsrv32, kernel...ill just shorten story give errors, oh spooler, invalid page faults yada yada yada.. lets reboot...<img> shall we?

    THE END RESULTS AT PRESENT::: boot to windows ..get errors... click on each window 2-3 times then closes msgbx then i have a mouse working well glides everywhere but no features working. oh yeah ....i have no icons. but i thought lets go on other pc and maybe it will load up. 7 hours later i still have a teal screen with mouse and its frozen solid, DON'T GRAB THE SKATES YET PPL! i can access my pc from sons pc..<img> even copied some things over if i could get them to execute.... ok thats it thats all i got, im tired, grrrr'n and need help.

    i've scanned for viruses and found none, checked files and only found one suspecting file that was actually about same time as error but...stuck its a directory called STARTHtmico
    with file named 003045152006start.htm
    now an icon usually is small this one is 2mb and no properties so i cant link to anything oh read only. another thing is that when 1st few error msg's it started referencing the mpr to dbpoweramp dir well there actually wasnt an mpr.dll there but thats when <img>my hunt started.

    please if anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it.....and im sorry post was so long.

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