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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by yogishree, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. yogishree

    yogishree Registered Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    I am on WINXP PROF (SP-2) OS.

    The problem is while checking up the various win processes running on my mch , through Mark Russonovich's AUTORUNS , I detected "Px Engine Device Driver" running on the machine vide PxHelp20.sys which is located in my c:\windows\system32\drivers\PxHelp20.sys. This is a unsigned driver said to be from Sonic Solutions and often associated with media players .

    The only media players presently installed on my system are : Windows Media Player (Ver 11) , VLCMediaPlayer (Ver 0.8.6c - Wx Widgets Interface ) and Media Monkey from Ventis Media Inc (Ver2.5.5.998-Standard Edition) .

    The problem is that when I tried disabling this driver though AUTORUNS , my CD-ROM drive vanished and system started on a continuous reboot. Somehow with great difficulty I could revert back and since re-enabling the drive , everything is running fine.

    I would like to know what exactly is this drive and how to remove it if it be unnecessary.

  2. 19monty64

    19monty64 Registered Member

    Apr 10, 2006
    Nunya, BZ
  3. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Jun 30, 2004
    Garden State, USA
    Hi yogishree,

    Unless the file is interfering with your current burning soft, pay it no mind. Under driver detail's in device manager, on a typical computer where the individual has gone through numerous install's, uninstall's of different burning software, any one of these might be present, not necessarily causing trouble .... cdr4_xp.sys, cdralw2k.sys, cdrom.sys, gearspiwdm.sys, imapi.sys, incdpass.sys, pfc.sys, pwd_2k.sys, pxhelp20.sys, redbook.sys, and, or storprop.sys.

    "The problem is that when I tried disabling this driver though AUTORUNS, my CD-ROM drive vanished ...."

    Not a problem but more than likely involved with your burner drive's filter scheme, addressed in the article that follow's. I'm sure your system as do many other people's contain plenty of unsigned, running driver's. Open system driver's under software environment in msinfo32 and you'll see what I mean. offer's several useful, FREE utilities as an easy means of viewing drive related detail's. - mentioned on dj's.

    *Using Regmon alongside, a driver's location within the registry may quickly be determined.
    Is pxhelp20 on your system listed under the same GUID as in my sample ss?


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