HDM12 Suite Backup Has Slowed Down

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    Nov 17, 2011
    I am using HDM12 Suite on two computers, a Maingear Shift and a Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop to do weekly system images. On the laptop over the last few weeks, the backup speeds have increased fourfold when backing up one of the three partitions. Both computers are using Bitdefender Total Security, with Paragon processes added as exceptions from scanning. There is no evidence of malware on the laptop, but I will run a few tools just to ensure that the computer is clean (Bitdefender and Dell Diagnostics come back clean).

    The laptop has three partitions: System, Recovery, and a data partition. Interestingly, the speed of the System and Recovery partition backups is unaffected, as fast as ever, it is the backup of the data partition image that has slowed down to a crawl. Archive integrity checks come back clean.

    I am kind of baffled by this. I have been using HDM12 on my laptop for years. Could it have been sideswiped by a Windows update? I have not been installing any new programs, just the usual updates for the programs that are installed (Adobe Reader, Skype, RoboForm, etc.).

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, and have a great day.