HDM12 Business - Cyclic or Full/Inc schedule?

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by draginmagik, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Oct 30, 2013
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    I'm new to HDM, I've used Symantec's hellspawn for years, but now I'm setting up a backup routine for a SMB.

    I'm trying to setup an automated weekly backup schedule. We will be using four 3TB external USB drives swapped out each Friday.
    Friday = Full image
    Sat-Thur = Incremental or Differential

    The Cyclic Backup looked like a good solution, but apparently it doesn't do a Full Server image...only per partition. What would the full system restore like? Is there an issue setting up multiple Cyclic Jobs and then restoring them? Also, the Max Disk Space setting will only go up to 1TB (999,999 MB), whereas i want to set it to 2,621,440MB. Is there a way to correct/override this limitation? Elsewise, it may delete the current weeks data.

    So it seems the better solution is to create some concoction of of Full/Incremental/Delete scripts.

    Again this needs to be automated so that the end user can simply swap out the external USB drives each Friday.
    It seems that after I create a scheduled Full job, I need to wait until it is completed before I can create the Incremental Schedule.
    - How do the future scheduled incremental find subsequent Full jobs?
    - Do I need to create a Full/Incremental schedule for each week (ie: to "tie" it to it's associated USB Drive or will a single Full/Incremental schedule be able to grab the connected USB drive and do its thing?
    -- If I uncheck "Generate unique names" will that help?
    - How about deleting/overwriting the old backup files on the external drives?

    The customer site is quite a fair distance away and I'd like to keep this as non-intrusive as possible for them (both the setup and use). Is there a way to setup so this backup routine without creating four sets of jobs and having the customer swap out drives so I can setup each drive? I'd rather not have to do this over the course of 4 weeks.