Having trouble with mounting an old VDI

Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by SpeedyPants, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Hi all

    I had Tails 2.3 LiveCD file and a VDI file attached to the VM I created in the portable virtualbox on a USB stick. Tails booted up just fine everything was ok...had to format the VDI so I could put some stuff in it, like I did, and then I encrypted it (LUKS + Ext4). After a while I got the new Tails version, 2.4, deleted the old one from the vbox - virtual media manager: release, remove, delete - and then I've attached the new one. I also accidentally released and removed the VDI file....so now when I boot the updated Tails I can't mount that old VDI file because Tails wants me to format it again?!

    What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't any Linux VM (just asking) be able to recognize and mount that encrypted VDI, regardless of whether I've encrypted it in Tails or in some other OS?

    I have backup copies of the files I encrypted so that's not an issue. I'd just like to know what I did wrong and what to do the next time I go on updating my OS.