Hardening OSX Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by dewilder, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. dewilder

    dewilder Registered Member

    Jun 20, 2013

    I was searching previously about osx in the forum , i think there s no many information, so I open this thread. I hope you like it.

    I´m not a specialist in security , just a ordinary user, in any case but i´m very worry about privacy, specially in these days were there is a global interest in every single internet agent in guest about you ... isp, politics , web developers, app developers, hardware developers, . ..

    I m not very sure about all hardening configurations posibilities.

    My hardware is MBP retina 2013 with osx 10.8.4 all money can buy, i think, but without hardening i think it doesnt matter

    My idea get a strong osx , use virtualization in a secure way , and get a stronger OS in the virtual machine.

    There is many things to talk about it.

    Why OSX:

    Better hardware , but .... hardware manipulated? what about cpu intel (do u remenber the comments about backdoors in newest intelcpu?
    Better software/stability
    Best host for virtualization ¿?

    This is my security setup:

    For mac:

    1. Firewalls: Icefloor firewall (i dont know very well if the configuration rules property)+ Little Snitch (system rules desactivated i m not very sure about these, i m opening ports manually) + System Firewall (block all incoming)

    2. TCPblock from deatlantis.com

    3 Host edition with GAS MASK 0.7 . blocking google , apple and facebook, and list

    4. I have only a user me as admin .

    5. Filevault desactivated, i think it gets slower the osx

    6. Onyx for repair system

    7. Open DNS numbers

    I was using Paid VPN with viscosity and Tunnelclick but i m very afraid about this incoming conection, suddenly i see machine in the finder .... they are still installed but i try no to use then ... i m using van in the virtual machine

    For virtualization

    1- Vmware fusion 5 no share folders but i can copy files from/to windows 7 64 sp1
    2- Bridge Networking . Thunderbolt Ethernet ---I Think is the main question ¿o_O
    3 Hardered W7 64 sp1 like the forum said ;)
    5 VPN software of my vpn provider
    4 All os ... tails, debían , etc .... I m trying to learn but i need snapshot power to revert the changes (i m very newbie in linux staff)

    I would like sugestions about:

    1.- My configuration
    2.- Another virtualizacion software that you can take snapshot ... Someone says VMWare is not secure for TOR users for example
    3. General discussion in any case :)

    Maybe this must be "the last mac user hardening thread" if you want it.
    Thanks to all.

    Note: NSA guide is for snow leopard :(
  2. dewilder

    dewilder Registered Member

    Jun 20, 2013
    What about 234 system daemons? . Do you know any guide for hardening?
  3. Walfor

    Walfor Registered Member

    Aug 4, 2013
    Hi guys, another os x user here.

    I am also quite keen to learn more about mac security.

    Also, do you guys use VPN services on your mac's?
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