HaoZip 5.5 English version - excellent free archiver

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    HaoZip is a free WinRAR style archiver, which even includes a malware scanner which scans the files in archives. The offical English language version has not been updated for nearly three years. However Russian forum ru-board has released an English and Russian language version of the current version 5.5.

    It installs in English and ru-board have even included an auto updater which can update it to the latest ru-board version. The current version scans for malware with 360, Tencent and Avira.

    HaoZip 2.png

    You can download the installer here: https://googledrive.com/host/0B0ULEdtW_u3OZ0t3bFRXd2RGdEk/HaoZip_v5.5.1.10498(x86-x64).exe
    The Russian thread about it is at ru-board: http://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=35814&start=1520
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