Hacker Group Anonymous Claims Leaking 13,000 Account Passwords of Amazon, Walmart, Dell and More

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    Au contraire, that makes it far less worrying IMO.
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    This is totally irresponsible reporting.

    This leak was an obvious attempt by the Sony/Xbox hackers, The Lizard Squad, to discredit Anonymous.

    Anonymous has never before leaked such information unless it was against a group that had committed or was associated with or benefits from a group that had committed a socially despicable act such as killing orcas.

    see,e.g. http://www.batblue.com/anonymous-leaks-email-and-credit-card-credentials-of-officials/

    Anonymous has a history as acting as the Robin Hoods of the internet. This act is totally out of line with it's history.

    It is noteworthy that the leaked info occurred and was attempted to be linked to Anonymous just hours after "Anonymous Declares War on Lizard Squad Hacker Team Who Took Down Playstation And Xbox Networks" that this leak occurred.


    It is also curious that "Some of the most significant leaks came from online video gaming networks like Xbox Live, the Sony PlayStation Network, and Twitch.tv...."


    It is widely known that gaming sites and networks have been a favored target of The Lizard Squad.

    The report of the leaking of the info. was posted on a twitter account, attempting to appear as an Anonymous associated account, that was created just hours after Anonymous declared war on the Sony/Xbox hackers.


    The reported leak was an "Act of Internet War" by the Lizard Squad against Anonymous.

    But,of course the report must be true because it was on the internet.

    I am not a member of or am I attempting to defend Anonymous. It's just that I am outraged by libel which is so obvious it's disgusting that some nerd/geek "reporter"/blogger would report it as truth with no further investigation just to score a by-line.
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