Guard.exe Interferes with a WinXP System Procedure!

Discussion in 'ewido anti-spyware forum' started by rampart, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. rampart

    rampart Registered Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Guard.exe interferes with a WinXP system procedure, specifically: guard.exe prevents WinXP's User Profiles manager from cloning XP User Accounts.

    After I customize an XP User Account, sometimes I clone it to a new account on the same PC using WinXP's User Profiles manager. When guard.exe is running, it does not work. As soon as I end the process "guard.exe", it does work. I have tested this 3 times now.

    When guard.exe is running, during the cloning procedure an error window appears titled "Profile Error", stating "Directory <C:\Documents and Setting\NAME> could not be deleted Please delete the directory and retry". (NAME = whatever is the name of the CopyTo account.)

    I hope that very soon Grisoft Support is able to eliminate the source of this interference because guard.exe might be interfering with other WinXP system procedures!


    A. My PC is not networked or part of a Domain. It is set up as a Workgroup and is set for Simple File Sharing. Its HDD uses NTFS.
    B. WinXP Help and Support briefly describes the cloning procedure. Type into the Help and Support search box: copy a user profile.
    ----- In step 1: Alternatively, right click My Computer > Properties.
    ----- In step 4: I browse to C:\Documents and Settings > highlight name I want to copy to.
    ----- In step 6: Alternatively, this has always worked for me: type in the name from step 4 > click Check Names > OK.
    C. From trial & error, here are some notes on the cloning procedure from one account to another on the same PC:
    Before starting the procedure, the "CopyTo" account must have been logged into at least once. The account being cloned can't be set to Private, though it can have a password. An admin account must be cloned to an admin, and a limited account to a limited. The procedure must be performed from a 3rd account. There might be a limit on max file size in the CopyFrom account; I've failed copying from an account with a 3.9GB file in it, but succeeded with a 1.8GB file (which takes about 5 minutes). The display must be watched during the entire procedure because some error messages appear for only about 60 seconds. The only way to know the procedure is complete is when the "Copy To" window disappears.
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