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Discussion in 'Ghost Security Suite (GSS)' started by rodsoto, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Mar 18, 2004
    Hi there,

    Tried to post reply on the RegDefend wishlist but received an 'Thread too old to reply to' message, so im starting a new one if thats ok.

    1) I was hoping to have a 'Monitor Application Registry Access' feature through AppDefend. It will change RegDefend to either 'block' or 'allow' all registry modifications, and later you can select which ones to allow or disallow on an individual basis.

    Reason for this was to monitor some applications/toolbars, as well as Trojan/Spyware activity, can be used for collecting of such information to see what they do. I suppose it would be similar to the old SysInternals Registry monitoring application.

    2) Also, perhaps a 'NetDefend' application of its own rather than embedded in AppDefend. Disabling AppDefend also disables the Network Monitoring feature which stuffs me up a lot of the time. Separating them will allow disabling AppDefend, yet still keeping a good guard on Network Activity.

    3) When clicking 'Disable AppDefend or RegDefend' to allow a 'Re-Activate in XX minutes/hours/seconds' feature. Also to add a Custom 'Hour/Minute/Seconds' feature.

    4) Have a tick box in AppDefend execution detection that says 'Installation Program'. This will allow AppDefend to disregard all (or customised) aspects of the execution. Once the installation program finishes, AppDefend will be able to Recognise this and turn itself back to normal when installation process terminates itself.

    5) GhostWall as part of the GSS Suite of products...can have NetDefend part as mentioned in suggestion 2

    6) Autodetect programs executed using Autoplay from CD-ROM/DVD drives - have settings to allow/block/prompt.

    7) Part of installation programs, to allow overall settings to Allow/Prompt execution of TMP files activated by another process (especially if 'Allow Execution' as Installer is selected on initial prompt)

    :cool: Network Monitoring part of GhostWall (Packet Sniffing) by application, port, rules...

    9) Proccess ID to ProcessName in GhostWall
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