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Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by GuyTe, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. GuyTe

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    I got ProcessGuard working. It is no longer freezing when I click on a new program that is not in the Protection or Security List. I put it on learning and did a lot of navigation with Explorer on my desktop and then clicked on a program and then it worked and the GUI came up and my desktop did not freeze. I think it was when I navigated to the file through clicking on My Computer then C drive (or whatever drive the program is on) and the click on the program. Whatever the can after I did more learning mode activities navigating around my computer it worked. Previously I had already openned up 60 or more programs (everything I could find that was a system program and ones that I installed) and still it was freezing up. So, I do not think it is just openning up a lot of programs in learning mode, but navigating through all the different MS Explorer windows that did the trick.

    Sorry, I though pgaccount.exe was the GUI I read it somewhere trying to figure out this problem. Someone suggested that it could be that I had checked off "Block new and changed applications" and that could be the problem. No, that is not the case because I was only running the free version at the time, so I could not check that box because I did not have that feature available. I have bought the product and am now very happy with it. It catches programs before they start when full protection is on and that is great, so I can stop something from running whereas in the past I could only catch after it had started with wintask 5. I still run wintask though because when I run processguard in Learning Mode I will have no warning if something new is running.

    That would be my suggestion for a wish list feature, make ProcessGuard able to warning you that a new process is running that is not on the list even though it will let that process start and run when your in Learning mode that way if a malicious process is trying to sneak in while you are doing some learing in Learning Mode ProcessGuard will warn you. I realize that ProcessGuard keeps a record of everything that starts and runs but one might forget to look at the alerts after learning and a bad process could be ruinning for a long time.

    I also have a question. I do not see any instructions on how to get ProcessGuard to keep logs. When I go to view logs I see one log for one day "pglog_08_2005.txt." ProcessGuard has keep no other logs and I do not know how to get it to keep a daily log. I would like one log for each day.
  2. FirePost

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    Jul 29, 2005
    That is the log for the 8th month of 2005:)
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