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  1. Lionharted

    Lionharted Registered Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    I have been receiving both spyware and addware from Google Adword (or Addword). I use their subscribers "" an Italian language learning website and have downloaded language courses from the site.

    I have also search the "Google Adword site" that has related Italian data. I have sent e-mail messages to both sites asking to verify their action; Naturally they denied any knowledge. Please let me know if my procedure that ID'd the vilian sites is valid.

    After receiving e-mail from these sites but before opening a message, I ran a virus scan and spyware scan to verify that my system was clean. I then opened the suspect message. After reading 1 message I re-ran the virus/spyware scan and detected 2 spyware and 1 adware. I use Adaware and Spybot software.

    I did not find any data related to these 2 sites in your FAQ database and assume that your Blaster site is not monitoring these sites----any comments or recommendations?

    ram_engineer @
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