Good file checker programs?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by 123xyz, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. 123xyz

    123xyz Guest

    I know of JavaCools FileChecker program and as good as it is, I am looking for something that is a bit better, if that's possible.

    Here's a couple of other FREE file checker programs I have found.

    1. Fingerprint 2.1.3

    2. Notify 1.0

    Are these as good or better than JC's FileChecker?

    If these two aren't much better than JC's FileChecker, know any other file checker type programs that are really good? (I don't mind paying $ if the program is worth it) Thanks very much.
  2. These days there is alot of interest in File Checkers....even got a couple of my own stashed somewhere......I don't bother using interest to me...

    Think about it.....why not just "lock"the files instead.....then nothing can change them...period! After all..what are virus and trojan scanners also for if not to warn a person of changes being made or if you get a bug.....ok so what if you are told that something is trying to change a file...its not going to clean the "something" now what.......

    nawwwwww...they can keep all those file checkers.....give me a decent file lock a few choice files.....done correctly no virus or trojan is just going to huff and puff its way into the system.......yeah, I got file checkers...darn good ones........somewhere around here...hmmm..where are they I wonder.............oh well, so long as I remember to remove the lock on the files when installing updates......yupper a good file locker stops even updates/upgrades

    see its kinda like this....I don't want to waste time...if my firewall is being hacked I don't want a filechecker to tell me the next time I start-up..."hey say Snowy you been had..the firewall is crappy-out" ...............nope, rather just lock the firewall files.....

    sure..there is a place for there is a time for filecheckers as well......sometime......will get back on this subject whenever I locate my file checkers an explorer this further.........
  3. An if you really want file checkers:

    1) System Safety Monitor

    2) Winsonar

    There are several other very good freeware file checkers..all tryed and proven.......those would be a good place to begin......
  4. ProcessGuard

    The forum is above this one..up a few........check it out...maybe try their free by limited version.......yes its shareware.....yet would be money well spent......try the free version at least
  5. xyz123

    xyz123 Guest

    Hi TheSnowman Guy

    Thanks for your input into my question. I thought those programs you mentioned were more for stopping programs from running that you don't want to run and not to notify you when something has changed some of your files, correct me if I'm wrong.

    I would still like a good file checker program just incase some kind of malware could bypass those programs you mentioned.

    I like to layer my security for maxium protection. I'll probably still use a simple file checker type program, partly because I like to try different programs and because I want a good backup program.
  6. Greetings Again Friend

    Been a long while since I last tried the programs I mentioned....others would be better informed on their would be correct...they would advise you of a change being made and give you the opportunity not to allow the change, you are looking for a checksum type program..for XP ? You want to know if file X ...containing Y...had Y changed to Z

    In that case there are several programs to do that....even the ones you check out the programs at wilders free tools section...there are some there as will........later I'll look around...see what I can locate...
  7. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    ADinf32 Pro (from the same company that makes the AV DrWeb).
    Inspector in KAV Pers Pro.
    NISFileCheck (free, no longer maintained, see the Archive forum here at Wilders).
    For only a few files checking: the CRC32-test in TDS-3.

    (And indeed check ProcessGuard !!!).
  8. Notok

    Notok Registered Member

    May 28, 2004
    Portland, OR (USA)

    Prevx will alert you to anything attempting to add/modify/delete anything in the Program Files, Windows, and Temporary directories, although you can't specify which files (at least not in the Home version)
  9. WOW..I've been checking into such programs for over an did not locate even one that I felt was worthwhile...for XP............this is interesting............
  10. xyz123

    xyz123 Guest

    Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions.

    Hi again TheSnowman Guy, I appreciate your efforts looking into these programs. So is it safe to say that you feel the two programs I mentioned (FingerPrint & Notify) are not worth using also?
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