Getting Returnil to be active on only one account

Discussion in 'General Returnil discussions' started by SteNi, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. SteNi

    SteNi Registered Member

    Feb 4, 2011
    Can Returnil be set-up to work on only one user account and not all of them? My goal is to emulate "guest-mode", which Windows 7 used to provide, but only for one user account. This account is one which I plan to let be used by others. I don't want my personal account to have Returnil running when I log in.
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Sep 18, 2006
    Hi SteNi and welcome to the forums :)

    No, this is not possible as the Virtual Mode in RSS/RVS is at disk level. This means that when it is on, it is on for all accounts regardless of type or permissions.

    What is the primary requirement for not having your and/or the Administrator account virtualized as well? If it is a need to make changes or save information, you can make use of the File Manager Autosave feature and then limit the files and folders you want saved to disk to your files and folders only.

    This would allow you to save your data while ensuring that the "Guest" accounts are bound by strict Virtual Mode.

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