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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by moe_08, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Nov 25, 2007
    i posted in several sub forums coz i am not sure where my question really fits, so i hope its not a problem :)


    let me start off by admitting that i am completely and utterly ignorant when it comes to computer tech (i only use it for minimal purposes).. that being said, i have a couple of security concerns i would appreciate if any one give me some feedback on them...

    i ve just bought a new computer.. after i installed the OS (win xp home sp2) i immediately installed kaspersky internet security 7.0... and then i had to update it so i connected to the Internet and KIS updates takes foreverand my connection was slow also.. so the computer was connected to the Internet for a very long time was no protection (or obsolete protection as KIS was updating)....

    1- what are the security risks of connecting to the Internet BUT not doing any browsing or downloading except the KIS update definition files downloads...?

    2- what are the security risks if i connect to the Internet (ie hook the ethernet ADSL cable coming from a router and have no antivirus suite installed.. but DONT DO ANY BROWSING or DOWNLOADING..... i had to connect to the Internet before i installed KIS so as to activate my OS from Microsoft?

    also windows not updated until KIS finished (after a long time) then i ran windows update which took even LONGER time

    N.B. i have been attacked before on a different computer but on the same network by an ip from china (i dont know the type but i think its the one that over traffic the Internet?!?)but KIS blocked it.. so i am concerned that this guy who might know my ip address, attack the new computer during the time where KIS was updating.. esp when the attack hit when i opened an email (spam) that had the subject of my financial advisor company name..

    i will be using this computer to access sensitive financial online data.. and i am PARANOID about my safety and security online esp of the issues mentioned above.....
    i have windows updated ........KIS 7 running and updated with firewall to max... and that’s it…
    before i start using it for sensitive online action.. i need to feel more protected.. i am still concerned about keyloggers, rootkit virus, trojans,...etc...

    3-how to 100 % check that the computer was not infected by anything of anytype during the updates download?

    4-how to add more protection for the future?

    i am actually considering to write zeros to the WD 160 hard drive.. is that reasonable

    please any feedback is immensely appreciated
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