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    Hmm did not knew that these 2 were so friendly :) KAV+GDATA

    10 years partnership Kaspersky lab and G DATA software author: michael date klatte: 02.03.2006 10:52 Moscow/Bochum, 02 March 2006 - Kaspersky lab and G DATA software will commit its now 10-year old technology partnership and enterprise friendship on the CeBIT 2006. The teams of Kaspersky and G DATA - in the kicker WM proclaimed by G DATA - load press representatives to the anniversary celebration on Sunday, 12 March starting from 18:00 o'clock into the G DATA ARENA into resound to 7. CeBIT 1996: The first meeting of Natalya and Eugene Kaspersky - at that time coworkers of a software department of the Russian hardware manufacturer KAMI - with Dr. Dirk Hochstrate, Fridolin Rummel and dock Figge of G DATA. Still during the CeBIT the Kasperskys and G became DATA united. Few months later the first G DATA anti-virus kits with Kaspersky engines in Germany was already presented. CeBIT 2006: Ten years after the first meeting have to celebrate Kaspersky lab (Moscow Cambridge) and G DATA software all reason: Two unusual success stories, differently and nevertheless with many thing in common. Both enterprises changed in the last ten years strongly. Both enterprises made various experiences and grew strongly. Both enterprises draw your strength from unternehmenskulturen, which integrate most different talents and characters and obtain so unusual successes. In Germany Kaspersky and G DATA reach together already 30 per cent market share. In numerous further international markets the partners won likewise significant market shares. Boss Natalya Kaspersky is pleased: "G DATA software was our first partner. The creativity of our German partners often surprised us. Our very good relationship is coined/shaped by openness, integrity and friendship." The AntiViren-guru Eugene Kaspersky in addition: "I remember gladly our meeting on the CeBIT 1996. Our partnership is an impressing example of the outstanding competitive ability of European alliances." Balances G DATA technology boss Dr. Dirk Hochstrate for this: "in view of indeterminable successes of our two enterprises we celebrate a shining balance. For us this most important and oldest partnership is more than a Win Win situation." G DATA Urgestein Fridolin Rummel is pleased: "we learned ourselves to estimate and. Also after ten years still the same humans speak with one another on both sides. This rare Konstanz - straight in the IT industry - is reliably an important success factor." And G DATA joint founder dock Figge: "ten years are in the IT industry a half eternity. To a partnership applies the more. We are pleased that we brought movement together into the market. We were pleased in business together humanly and." Detailed information about Kaspersky finds you under more over G DATA experiences you HERE Attached files::eek:
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