FW part of ESET SS HE vs. (Sunbelt) Kerio PFW

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by chrizio, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. chrizio

    chrizio Guest

    My license for NOD32 AV HE will expire soon.
    In this context I received a mail from ESET with link
    to license purchase for next period.

    So I started the analysis what is the current situation regarding ESET products and license refresh options.
    And I can see, the firewall part of ESET SS is apparently
    the old well-known (Sunbelt) Kerio PFW. What a surprise!
    My good Kerio with its leader's GUI and it's flexibility.
    From this point of view Kerio PFW was much, much better
    than for example Comodo is.
    It seems to be successor of firewall I looking replacement for. For many, many years. I didn't find other personal FW with ui as user-friendly and flexible as that one of Kerio.
    Therefore my search continues for more than 2 years.

    How well does the FW part of ESET SS HE reproduces good features of Kerio PFW gui ?
    These were in my opinion amongst others:
    - good and detailed connection overview, with indication of current bit rate for all active transfers
    - good logs, working in on-line mode; not like in Comodo
    you have to push refresh button in order to get last logs
    - filter rule editor/viewer, possibility to deactivate a rule
    without having to delete it
    - extended filter rule definition while answering an fw alert
    - many other points

    How about importing Kerio filter rules ?
  2. elapsed

    elapsed Registered Member

    Apr 5, 2004
    The ESET firewall has nothing to do with Kerio.

    I have no idea what "HE" is, what are you talking about?

    Why don't you just install the trial version to test it?
  3. chrizio

    chrizio Guest

    Home Edition.
    > The ESET firewall has nothing to do with Kerio.
    According to the user manual many of the FW related stuff of ESET SS solution
    have the look of the good old Kerio PFW.
    I have no machine for testing purposes.
    No trials nor tests allowed on my working machines!
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