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    This looks like the most appropriate forum; mods might think otherwise - please move if so. A search on FreeDNS here returned nada so...

    Out of Austria, they didn't show up in the almost a year since I looked around for open DNS stuff so I either missed 'em back then or they just arrived recently.

    For about three weeks I've been using them
    without encountering prevailing flaws while enjoying highly respectable performance.

    A half-dozen times in that period, I've run those two servers against all of my ISPs regional servers in Gibson's DNS Benchmark. (Over time no other freely available DNS services have ever been faster than my ISP, so I didn't bench anything else.)

    The worst case standard deviations for Uncached Name and DotCom Lookup varied by 0.050 and Cached name by 0.078 when compared to the fastest of my ISP values.

    Gibson's Anti-Spoofing Safety Test reported Excellent for both servers.

    In the browser, my seat-of-the-pants experience is a detection of some lag when loading ads and while trackers kluge through their connections, none which affected sites' primary content rendering to any great degree.

    In full recognition of all the horrendous problems these things cause :rolleyes: , when Flash is blocked and EasyList and Ghostery are enabled, even the most heavily enriched sites render in the blink of an eye.

    Initially there were some issues. The two most unfavorable were thumbnails from a major provider failing to render in their place holders and for me in the Southwest USA Google services pulled in from Asia. Once reported, those were resolved in a couple of days. Yes, their support responded and quickly. Wow.

    It's probably not suitable for online gaming because nothing ever is. :D And it's a given that whatever you're using now is better.

    But others, especially Europeans, might want to give FreeDNS a try if additional services (filtering, DNSSEC, crypting) aren't necessary.

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