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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by lubois, May 26, 2005.

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  1. lubois

    lubois Registered Member

    May 26, 2005
    I have had following links in my Favorites:

    ~removed hyperlink capability....Bubba~

    and I couldn't remove them.

    After couple of hours investigation I have realized that there runs process called C:\winnt\epknxff.exe (see in Task Manager) and there is also register entry called O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [xlynbbp] c:\winnt\rmcyviw.exe. Note that instead of rmcyviw.exe can be in register entry mentioned one of the following: aarjuge.exe, abjkjsu.exe, acrlqvq.exe, aidhaou.exe, aquiyhp.exe, avyydnm.exe, batbvit.exe, bfrfpgn.exe, bfvgdbx.exe, bhanton.exe, bmfpmpf.exe, bpekvou.exe, cknndnn.exe, cmvaelu.exe, cueiaqj.exe, daoumay.exe, djlmhei.exe, dlhloyb.exe, dtjigxp.exe, dvptkji.exe, dxbgovu.exe, dxhldxh.exe, dxwdvpg.exe, ehfykro.exe, eijafno.exe, ejwywtw.exe, epknxff.exe, ewigcvu.exe, fpfbrup.exe, frntpyi.exe, gbkbavw.exe, gjrdkit.exe, glxxekq.exe, gqyrsnl.exe, gvpnhnq.exe, hhadqhv.exe, hjtpgmp.exe, hlgfnmb.exe, huluhcw.exe, hveouyk.exe, hygjyfr.exe, ibxvppu.exe, idxbeyh.exe, igscgph.exe, ihrngbj.exe, ihwtslx.exe, iqcfvmv.exe, ivnviyk.exe, jbsmdnn.exe, jgkdiaj.exe, jhufepn.exe, jmdxnrb.exe, jpccoer.exe, jrosphw.exe, jsxhyug.exe, klebjgr.exe, ksxksmq.exe, kvwfucg.exe, kxxcdea.exe, lgswvsa.exe, lrlddmo.exe, lwiqsor.exe, lwiygqn.exe, mbnjrce.exe, mgsmqky.exe, mncqjnv.exe, mtqccuf.exe, mvcvetu.exe, mwxrgwa.exe, nchndxb.exe, nqwqysi.exe, nscweqw.exe, nwpthiv.exe, oeqjhmw.exe, ofytwfp.exe, ojsvpee.exe, okscxfr.exe, oreffby.exe, ouetdem.exe, psxacma.exe, pvsvbyq.exe, qadukfb.exe, qbjktvd.exe, qkbihew.exe, qmerfnk.exe, qojmecf.exe, qqtpsjx.exe, ragcctp.exe, rcidhfv.exe, rhxabyo.exe, riutgng.exe, rlyteqj.exe, rmcyviw.exe, saoevaf.exe, sehojmb.exe, sflqryv.exe, suyomaq.exe, sxxrolc.exe, thsqkty.exe, tmfjire.exe, tmqkvpj.exe, toujsuq.exe, tqegtpw.exe, ujujdeg.exe, ulpjdxj.exe, upensnp.exe, uqwdxce.exe, uukulbk.exe, vbglrjd.exe, vohissb.exe, waqgocl.exe, wcuxtle.exe, wdbmasa.exe, wpoqdgc.exe, wugarnh.exe, wvvdsgl.exe, xdffrfq.exe, yxaugxc.exe

    To fix this problems you need to do following:
    1. to stop the process epknxff.exe in Task Manager
    2. to remove registry entry (e.g. by HijackThis)
    3. to remove links from your Favorites
    4. to restart computer

    Be aware that all listed exe files are placed in your C:\winnt\ directory. All of them presumably are the same sized (46 080 bites in my computer) and they are created in the same time.

    I hope this helps.
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