Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Get, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Get

    Get Guest

    On boot-up an AMON screen came up and told me pg2.exe (peerguardian) was quarantined.

    Time Module Object Name Threat Action User Information
    22-2-2008 9:07:07 AMON file C:\Program Files\******\pg2.exe a variant of Win32/PeerGuardian application quarantined - deleted ********** Event occurred on a file modified by the application: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE. The file was moved to quarantine. You may close this window.

    I would say a false positive. I'm using 2.7.
  2. proactivelover

    proactivelover Registered Member

    Apr 7, 2006
    Near Wilders Forums
  3. Get

    Get Guest

    Yes, I just read it. So it's not a mistake of NOD32. Excludingteam on it's way!
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