Formatted external hard disk with truecrypt encryption part II

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by adammonkas, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Sep 11, 2015
    I accidentally formatted under windows unmounted TC disc (not volume). silly isn't it? Almost everything about this problem is described in discussion "Formatted external hard disk with truecrypt encryption" started by Kernelius (!thank to you Dantz! you helped me a lot) That topic is now close for further replies, so I am making new one because I found some maybe interesting for someone solutions - if not- admin can cancel my gibberish English :)
    I make everything as Dantz described - mounted disc using backup header, (windows cant see anything inside. as I seen new volume size was different. I make everything as Dantz describes , using winhex, but after 2 days (1,5TB disc) this program can find only files written to disc by windows (system volume inf. trash) (bdw: free winhex version can not restore files!)
    so- I am tried different way,
    none of windows program as recuva can not do nothing "disc is not formatted" "lock"
    plus windows can not format mounted drive "invalid size" or something like this.
    as I think quickformat can not physically can not destroy many of my data so I'll make a pathetic trick
    -use TC to restore backup header as primary
    -mount disc using TC again
    -quick format this drive (yes I can destroy some data, but as a gecko I have not seen any other solutions
    - THEN I used recuva again
    deep search was not good idea - program found a thousands old, non completed files without proper names and their trees too, (time to finish: 5 days!) so I run recuva again in quickscan mode
    -viola - all my files and catalogues (except few of them, damaged ) was in place :)
    next step- copying this data to external USB disc.
    to admin: theres so little solid informations about restoring data from damaged TC disc, so I am typing this here, maybe this community find it interesting.