Five End Game Scenarios- How The INTERNET Will Die

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by PROROOTECT, Sep 14, 2009.

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    May 5, 2008
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  2. Sully

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    Dec 23, 2005
    Personally I think #2 or a twist on it is likely, within the next 7 years. Why 7? Because obviously windows 7 is about to be released. After reading my horoscope for the last 7 days, I noticed that my last 7 cups of green tea had the letter 7 formed in the bottom with the tea leaves.

    I believe I was inducted by aliens for a short time 7 years ago. They congealed to me that in 7 years a whole new thing with the moniker 7 would appear, expanding on a previous Vista that was frowned upon prior to this.

    I was also shown that the power behind 7 would in fact be a secret library, one like congress, that did other than what it said. In fact, the purpose of 7 would be to decieve the human race. 7 would be a catalyst that would take over technology. The apple would be the symbol of the future, provided by many jobs across the globe.

    And here we are, almost 7 years to the day that I was inducted. Watch out people! When you use windows 7, after the new year, a hidden library will expose its methods and your personal computers will be transmorgified by the internet. Cyberwar will be reality. But this is all smoke and mirrors. Service Pack 1 for the 7 will promise to resolve spyware/malware/virii forever. Woe unto you if you use it though. For if you choose to use it, your computer shall be born again.. as a MacIntosh PC. Thats right folks. Open your eyes and ears. Your PC will become an Apple. You will be forced to only use one button on your mouse. Those of you with gaming mice will suddenly find your investment a worthless plastic object. Imagine, a mouse with 17 buttons, and only one of them works.

    I am selling a magnetic pulsewave generator that will protect your computer by enhancing its EMF. This will protect your computer from 7 and the borg that follow. For only 83 easy payments of $99.99 you too can get your MPG. Thats short for magnetic pulsewave generator.

    Call today. Call 867-5309. Ask for Jenny. Tell her you got it, you got her number.

    Peace to you in the future.

  3. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    Jul 8, 2006
    First comment: Have you ever tried to grasp the idea of the multiverse (which connects the relativity theory with the quantum theory by assuming we live in first, second and third level parallel dimensions, which resembles floating balloons or gigantic energetic soap bubles, like pictured at the article).

    Okay when you are a firm beliver of the multiverse (in stead of the universe), it is just normal that aliens obducted Sully 7 years prior to the release of Windows 7. But what is interesting where did Sully's alter ego go to (because one reality splitt of and he returned to earth, another parallel reality was created by the aliens who took Sully with them, Sul do you know what happened to your alter ego taken home with the aliens :eek: ).

    Do not mind when you do not grasp this. I am not understanding the multiverse either :blink:

    But for someone who is a firm believer of the multivers the author should know that the end of the internet universe as we know it, is because it aggregates to much informations. Adding more info is like hiding a tree in a forest. The internet will not die but burst into to paralell communities (called the global tribes bubbles) who focus on a common pont of interest and enjoy sharing experiences, be it virtual or real with each other.

    In a way we are creating extra worlds: all the global tribes we take part of and the phisical life we live. To maintain some kind of world order (in all those virtual reality bubbles) a second connecting multiverse is created which incorporates all gate keepers (admin/moderators) of those global tribe bubbles. This world establishment bubble has the power and authority to protect those global tribes or infect those global tribes depending on their impact on the values and norms of the world order. So the hackers become part of the establishment and the security forums like wilders will become forbidden, because they have impact on the ease of which the world establishment is able to take down a global tribe by malware infection.

    So in a way Internet dies, because the free flow of information and thoughts will end, due to regulation of the world establishment. Hackers will become the secret security and security amateurs will become illegal 'resistance'/underground fighters for free information and web access (scenario 6)

    Hopefully everything is normal to me tomorrow :cool:
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