Five different ways to speed up firefox.

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Pollmaster, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Firefox is great, but let's face it compared to internet explorer, it can be a touch slow. Depending on your cpu processor , your hard-disk ,your RAM etc, firefox can be slow to launch , or it can be a little bit slow to render pages, or maybe the browser just doesnt feel responsive.

    Even if this isn't the case, more speed is always better right?

    Here are five different ways to speed up firefox, some of them address the "slow to launch" problem, others speed up rendering of pages, some both. Some of them might make no difference depending on your setup

    1) About:config tweaks. - This is pretty well known. This involves turning on http pipelining, setting initial paint delay to zero so it feels faster, upping maxrequests etc. Some are well known to be 100% gains for most cases, other tweaks might work or might not.

    Some links

    2) Using a build that is optimised , complied for your processor. Moox builds are most well known

    3) Using the firefox preloader - Any firefox advocate work his salt will tell you IE cheats because parts of it are preloaded into the memory everytime Windows starts. That is why it is so fast to launch. Now you can do it with firefox too.

    4) Compress firefox's exe and dll with upx or any other real time compressor.
    This might or might not work. You get a smaller file size, but incur additional cpu time to unpack the files. Supposedly if you have a fast cpu+Ram to spare but relatively slow hard-disk it will speed things up.

    5) There's a fifth method I found, but I don't think it works at all. Somepeople are of the opinion adding the switch /prefetch will help, but I think is a urban legend.

    Any one has anymore?
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