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  1. guest

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    what is the official FirstDefense ISR web site?
    is FirstDefense ISR better than eaz-fix
    is FD-ISR and FirstDefense ISR different software?
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  2. sukarof

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    Jun 22, 2004
    Stockholm Sweden
    Horizondatasys is the official reseller of FDISR Rescue.
    Here at wilders one might get confused since we oldies talk about the "Original" FDISR, the way FDISR was before Horizondatasys bought the rights.
    Original FDISR is no more sold. You cant get it anywhere. Sad but true.
    There is only FDISR Rescue provided by HDS sold nowadays.

    If I had to choose between FDISR Rescue and EAZ-FIX (and if it was compatible with my computer, wich it isnt. So try it for the full 15 days of trial before you pay for it.) I would go for EAZ-FIX.
    The snapshots are made lightning fast and you can have up to 60 000! snapshots. In HDS version of FDISR you can only have one, which might be sufficient if you dont need many snapshots (like when you test a lot of software or want different configurations of your computer)
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  3. guest

    guest Guest

    thank you very much sukarof
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