Firewalls & Latest (13) MS Updates Problems

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by COSMO26, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Edit: It appears the MS Updates Problem blame may be on Tuesday's Update KB977165 with some posting, also, that with the FW's below Disabled their Update Install issues disappeared.. I Disabled ESS V4 Realtime & FW, SuperAS and Malwarebytes Real-time, HID KB977165 in MS Custom Install, and Installed the other 11 Updates in groups of 5,3,3 Without Issue.

    (2nd EDIT:) On 2/14 I disabled apps again and went ahead and installed KB977165 Without Issue. This post has become unnecessary as things progressed, I guess, but I can't delete it. It remains if anyone will post if they've installed all 12 with ESS V4 and other Security Apps ALL Active.

    I have seen both Comodo and ZA blamed for download and/or install problems re: latest MS updates. A few (non-related posts) posted their computer is completely locked-up after Updates attempts.

    Has anyone downloaded Tuesday's Update set with ESS V4 "ON" and what's the real danger of disabling the V4 FW and other Apps' Real-time function to minimize conflicts? I think Malwarebytes Real-time has interfered with 2 Apps lately (disappeared after Real-time disabled temporarily) so I'm getting paranoid about important downloads with certain modules active.
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