[Final release] Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premiun Edition v2.0.1

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    Sep 18, 2006
    To all,
    Returnil is pleased to announce the official release for the next and final version of the Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition series. This release contains new features and quality improvements that complete the foundation of our next generation of PC security solutions by proving the significant benefits of adding virtualization to an intelligent, layered security strategy.

    Final release for the Returnil Virtual System 2008 Premium Edition available



    What's new in 2.0.1:

    File Protection – This new feature will allow the user to selectively protect files and folders on alternate partitions. Further, the user can also specify the entire partition or drive (extra internal drive, USB drives, IEEE drives, etc).

    Additional Returnil Tools:

    Custom Virtual Partition installation path – New in v2,01 is support for installing the RVS Virtual Partition on alternate partitions or drives

    Virtual Partition drive designation change support – RVS now supports changing the Virtual Partition drive letter from within the Preferences menu without requiring a reinstall of the VP through the repair feature.

    Real System Registry Editor – This is a new feature available from within the Real System Autoruns plug-in and allows the computer administrator to make changes to the computer's registry while using the RVS System Protection and Session Lock feature.

    Right Click Delete – This new feature adds an additional option to the right click shell integration that supports deletion of the selected file or folder from the Real System.

    Disk Cache privacy wipe – the 2.01 series now supports cleaning of the disk cache at shutdown of your computer.

    Right click Tray Icon and Toolbar control – This is a refinement to allow the user to activate or deactivate the Tray Icon and/or Toolbar through its right click menu.

    Vista hibernation support – the 2.01 series now properly supports hibernation mode in Windows Vista.

    We will be releasing the final for the Personal Edition after sending out the download announcement E-mail for our customers which may delay it until later in the week.

    Kind regards
    Everyone here at Returnil
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