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    Oct 3, 2004
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    There is a program called FileCRC which I use instead of running the system file checker (sfc).. It basically tells you when an important file has been deleted or replaced with an older or newer version.

    It won't help you to track any files you are currently missing because the first time you run it, it creates a database of existing files but, from that point on, you can track what gets deleted or changed.

    As an example, I recently uninstalled a programme and then found I couldn't get Giant Anti-spyware to open properly. I ran FileCRC and it told me that a file in system 32 had been deleted. I was able to replace the file from a site on the internet, register it, and Giant worked again. The only thing you have to check is that you get the correct version of the file which can be a bit hit or miss but FileCRC will tell you if you have the right one. (Better still if you have an image of your drive which you can temporarily mount onto your drive to extract any required files. I only thought of doing that later!).

    Runs from a command prompt and the text file it creates on the first run is about 500KB. You can replace the database at any time by creating a new text file and replacing the old. for the details
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