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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Sam Kennedy, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. Sam Kennedy

    Sam Kennedy Guest

    Excellent program! Bad user!
    Step 1. Backup 80GB of files spaning 24 .tibs
    Step 2. Rebuild flakey computer
    Step 3. To be safe, backup new build of machine WITH THE SAME NAME (doh)
    Step 4. Discover that you have overwriten the first 2 .tibs
    Step 5. Panic

    Now, this is a spanned, compressed file, right? Given that I have the LAST file intact, in theory, I should be able to read all but the first two, no?

    please say yes

  2. wdormann

    wdormann Registered Member

    Jun 27, 2004
    I had a similar situation, but in my case it was somewhat less of my fault. Here is the scenario:

    I had my PC to do scheduled backups once a week.
    In the schedule, I had the option to automatically start the backup process if the PC was turned off when the last backup was scheduled to perform. ( I forget the exact wording )
    I had backup files like this:

    Immediately following the 4THWEEK.TIB backup, I wanted to test temporarily "rolling back" my PC to a previous state. (To verify a bug in one of the Microsoft Security updates). So I boot with my Rescue CD and restore 3RDWEEK.TIB. Immediately upon booting into Windows, the scheduled job for 4THWEEK.TIB starts executing. (Since it is past the 4th week in time, and that job has not completed). I wasn't able to cancel the job in time, and it began to overwrite 4THWEEK.TIB. My *temporary* roll-back ended up being a *permanent* roll-back!

    To Acronis: Perhaps you may want to re-think this option in the ATI scheduling. At the very least, make it clear to the user that it can be VERY DANGEROUS to enable the option to automatically run missed jobs at boot up. There is a high probability of data loss if the option is enabled.
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