FD-R + CIS + Auslogics Defrag = problems?

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-Rescue Forum' started by Atomas31, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Atomas31

    Atomas31 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    Montreal, Quebec

    I have a mini laptop with windows 7 and here's the situation :

    I have CIS 4.0 on it, FD-rescue and Auslogics disc defrag free. But I can't use the three of them together or I will have problem with FD... Here's what happens :

    The three software install, the files sfi.dat (from CIS) excluded from FD-rescue (and also from Auslogics disc defrag). FD-rescue has no problem seeing and accessing is rescue area but if I make a "defrag and optimize" with Auslogic disc defrag and after make an "update all" with FD, FD doesn't see and can't access is rescue area anymore (because of the files sfi.dat)...

    So my question is if you use FD-R and CIS 4.0 what defragger do you use that don't create the problem describe before?

Thread Status:
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