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    A while back Firefor had a vunerabilty in it for Favicons. Does anybody know if IE does?

    Also if Favicons are ADS's Wouldn't it be possiable to attach a bad file to a Favicon?

    Reason I am asking is because when I use HijackThis to remove the ADS, the favicons dissapear from my IE fav list
    Originaly I had eight favicons with attached ADS. Then after shutting down browser and reopening a while latter the favicons were back but only 5 had ADS attached to them.

    I also booted to safe mode today and logged in as Admin and noticed an unknown user attached to my doc& settings folder which does not show up when logging in as an Admin user in normal windows boot. Is this normal?


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    Hey Global

    I was gettin worried there for a moment. Didn't think anybody was home.

    Yup I am familier with ADS. Sill not sure why they are tied to some favicons and not others. This makes me think it is not an OS thing.

    Maybe I should try some other streams removers and see if all favicons go away for a while. I know in IE 6 you could dissable favicons but it isn't in IE 7.

    Like I mentioned, onmy system they go away and some come right back after removing the streams.

    Ya you are right about windows but I do use Knoppix also ;-)
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