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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by LOOX, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Nov 12, 2007
    Hey guys, its me again. If you recall I had/have the Jmicron/ICH9R issue of the Recovery CD's, OS Selector, and the F11 Recovery Manager not working becasue they can't recognize my software (presumably because they all use the same linux kernel OR because they rely on what my BIOS reports, and EVEN MY BIOS doesn't see my Hard drives while in ACHI mode.)

    First, thank you to MudCrab, Mustang, AND Acronis for
    1. providing me with a .iso image with a TI 11 Rescue CD that works.
    2. Teaching me how to make a BartPE Acronis recovery CD.

    HERE is the question, someone one the Abit Mobo formus said that they were unable to get F11 to work with TI 10, but with TI 11, the F11 Recovery Manager worked!!!!

    Now, I have both TI 10 and TI 11 and after the first time I encountered this problem and it took tens of hours to fix it, I always just used the CD's assuming that the F11 recovery manager would be broken so long as Acronis has the same fundumantal problem plaguing so many of our recovery CD's don't work.

    So, I am very very tempted to try activating the F11 Recovery Manager, but am afraid that I am right and it will NOT work, requiring a huge fix that includes booting to the Vista DVD to fix Vista's boot, etc...

    So, in a nutshell, I was wondering if it is possible that making a F11 recovery zone can work using the latest version of TI 11 when TI 11 cannot make recovery CDs?

    OH, and before I get scolded for using the security zone, especially since I have an external drive, I will explain that it is not the security zone I am after. It is the F11 Recovery Manager. I have seen the security zone panned so many times and I just don't get it. It is waaaaay better than the Recovery CD method. For example, the .iso provided to me by Acronis loads super fast, but backup and recovery takes hours instead of minutes. Meanwhile, the BartPE takes over a minute to load, but does fast back-ups and, well, I just don't like having to put it the CD, take it out in time, etc.... For me, personally, I think F11 is one of the best qualities of True Image, something goes wrong with your system drive, just hit F11, no need to find a CD, wait, load Acronis, wait some more, and then wait for your restore, etc... Also, when I tell all my friends and family that Acronis is better than system restore, ghost, etc... its because F11 allows scheduled backups to take place in a hidden partition that they don't have to ever worry about. And if you're smart enough to be on these boards, then you know what is like when you mother calls you at work to restore her spyware-laden computer only to learn that she either forgot to backup her computer, lost the backup, or lost the rescue disk you made for her. Simply put, Moms like F11 better than rescue CD's and so do I.... dare I hope that I can have this feature back.

    Oh, and while I am posting... This JMicron/ICH9R issue has been going on for quite some time. If there is a reason that it is easier for Acronis to make personalied .iso disks for all of us with this problem for almost a year now, then I feel bad for them. However, if they can just put whatever they put into my .iso into a new build of TI (and DD so OSS works), I hereby beg them to do it!!

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