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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Paragon's ExtFS works very well on my iMac. I copied an Ext 3 FS to a portable disk drive. It's been siting on a shelf for two years. I bought and installed ExtFS ($29.99 as part of a MacUpdate Package). It works great! On the portable disk drive there are two volumes and both mounted automatically. The boot drive mounted as "/Volumes/:boot1" and the root drive mounted as "/Volumes/:".

    umount and mount commands work like the linux commands that I'm used to:
    sudo umount /dev/disk1s3
    sudo fsck_ufsd_Extfs -n /dev/disk1s3
    sudo mount_ufsd_ExtFS /dev/disk1s3 /Volumes/dell490

    the last command does work but it doesn't survive logging out
    I read somewhere that the mount point is taken from the volume name on the portable drive. This is not such a big deal but I have to refer to files as /Volume/\:
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