ExtFS for Windows vs. VeraCrypt

Discussion in 'Paragon File System Drivers' started by BorisStr, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Jul 3, 2016
    I'm a linux user, and I'm using Ext4 file system for my data. For sensitive data I'm using an encrypted HDD. The encryption is provided by VeraCrypt (a TrueCrypt successor). Ext4 file system is used inside the encrypted container.
    Sometimes, I boot Windows 7 64bit to play a game. I tried Paragon ExtFS to find if I can access my data from Windows. I found that I can access my convenient Ext4 volumes, but I cannot access the encrypted one. VeraCrypt is a cross-platform software, it can provide mounting of the encrypted volume on Windows. But ExtFS doen't 'see' the virtual VeraCrypt drive with Ext4 file system.
    Is there a way to use ExtFS with the VeraCrypt virtual drives, please?