ExtFS for Mac user id on file creation (dual boot)

Discussion in 'NTFS for Mac & ExtFS for Mac' started by jss, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. jss

    jss Registered Member

    Sep 4, 2015

    I just bought and installed driver on my dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 / Osx 10.10 MacBook Pro.

    The ext4 partition I'm mounting on OSX was created on ubuntu and almost all files are owned by a specific user, as it is mounted inside the /home directory. This apparently causes no problems on osx where it is mounted in /Volumes by default and then has a symlink to /Users/user/data.

    But, when the partition is mounted back on ubuntu, I have serious permission problems on the files that osx created because the userid and groupid are unknow to ubuntu. This causes, for instance, that some folders show empty on Thunderbird email client, only because it doesn't have permission to read them.

    So, is there a way to tell osx to use a specific userid:groupid on file creation to solve this problem?

    Furthermore, where do I find more information on the driver? The manual is too simple with less than essential information.

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