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    Feb 9, 2002
    Hi All, You will see how this ties together......

    Last Friday, I lost my personal political hero. I would always talk about Senator Paul Wellstone and so many people wouldn't know him. Of course, he died with his wife, daughter and two pilots Friday morning 10-25. Even conservative Republicans praised Wellstone for his passion. America's greatest progressive voice is silenced - how will he be replaced? So very sad.

    Well, I have nothing in common with Rep. Dick Armey - nothing - except his principled and passionate feelings about Internet and computer privacy. He will be missed by me for this issue alone. He was a high-ranking Republican who as you will read in this article, made sure snooping was kept out of many laws in regard to Internet use in the USA.

    This is an EXCELLENT read - and sad when you wonder - what next?


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