Ewido 3.5 vs. win restricted accounted

Discussion in 'ewido anti-spyware forum' started by chrizio, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. chrizio

    chrizio Guest


    Have just joined the EWIDO users population.
    My configuration: win xp pro sp2, two accounts (one administrative, one
    with restricted access rights), Ewido 3.5 free version installed yesterday.

    No problems running Ewido anti/malware on the administrative account.
    Is visible in the system tray, and in context menus.

    But if I log on to the normal account (most of my regular/non-administrative work I do on this account) Ewido does not resist in the system tray.
    Only the entries in the context menus are present.
    I start it manually, realtime protection and automatic updates are set
    to inactive. It is impossible to set both to 'active".
    Invoking the option 'install guard' leads to the error message
    "installation of service failed: 6".

    Can anybody help me please ?

    I have one problem yet.
    Ewido is running with NOD32. Every time after logging-in onto admin account
    the NOD32 is freezing-up the win gui for many seconds (NOD32's splash screen stays visible this long time).
    I suppose the coincidation between NOD32 and Ewido
    could be the reason, because after that freezing finishes, the NOD32's splash screen goes away and
    immediately after that windows continues with starting of Evido.
    The splash screen stays a long time visible as well if I am logging in to the restricted account.
    Any idea ?
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  2. chrizio

    chrizio Guest

    The problems seem to be solved.
    The kerio PF 4.2.2 was the reason. Exactly said the settings
    the kerio installation has applied.
    I switched off all kerio components except for the 'network security'
    (intrusions, web) and it helped - none after-log-on freezing, Ewido starts on the
    win restricted account too.
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