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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by visitor, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. visitor

    visitor Guest

    Have some question to clear please
    1- why NOD is trying to update where there is no update(last is 1.603)
    2-the update attempts intervals are so close
    3-what is the meaning of the first entry

    I found no problem in connecting toserver actually it was on during NOD attempts


    Time   Module   Event   User
    21.1.2004 20:08:23   Update   Function: gethostbyname, parameters: , return value: 11001   
    21.1.2004 20:08:22   Update   Update attempt terminated with error (Server connection failure.)   
    21.1.2004 20:08:21   Update   Error connecting to server www.nod32.com.   
    21.1.2004 20:08:17   Update   Error connecting to server u2.eset.com.   
    21.1.2004 20:08:13   Update   Error connecting to server www.eset.sk.   
    21.1.2004 20:08:10   Update   Error connecting to server www.nod32.com.   
    20.1.2004 21:53:10   Kernel   The virus signature database has been updated successfully to version 1.603 (20040120).   
    19.1.2004 21:40:02   Kernel   The virus signature database has been updated successfully to version 1.602 (20040119).   
  2. Tomas

    Tomas Eset Staff Account

    May 2, 2003

    This behavior is caused by Automatic server selection featere of NOD32 update. NOD32 keeps list of eset's update servers and choose semi-ramdomly server for actual update. If update fails to connect chosen server, it will continue trying another servers from the list. After failure of last server in the list, the error message is displayed.
    In the time, when this happened, your computer was probably unable to connect to internet.

    1.) NOD is connecting to see, if new version is available
    2.) All of the connection attempts are part of one update process
    3.) It's diagnostic message helping us to track problems, if any occurs.
    Actually, value 11001 means "No such host is known"

    Best regards

  3. visitor

    visitor Guest

    Much apreciated
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