Estimated yearly damage by hackers

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    Feb 23, 2004
    Below sea-level. Safe and sound behind our dikes:
    "Hackers are shamefully being underestimated"

    Yearly damage to Dutch businesses by any kind of kacking activity has been estimated to reach some € 263 million. (= appr. USD $ 332 million)
    According to consulting agency "Ernst & Young", hackers are being underestimated.
    For comparison:
    Damage created by "common" burglary to living homes was estimated to reach € 340 million / $ 428 million (2002).

    Investigation showed at least some 5% of the businesses in The Netherlands were 'visited' by hackers last year, resulting in an average damage of € 15.000 per hacking: But this only reflects repair-costs.

    Actual total costs/damage (network down time/image damage etc) are expected to be a multiple of that amount.
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