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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by toddzy, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. toddzy

    toddzy Registered Member

    Jan 23, 2008
    Are there any ESS firewall brainiacs out there that can help me figure out this strange one?

    - I have downloaded the latest build of ESS Business Edition as of today (31 Jan 0:cool: and installed it onto 4 computers.
    - All computers are Windows XP with SP2, except for 1 computer that is Windows 2000 Server.
    - A Windows XP computer 'hosts' the internet connection because the ISDN modem connects to it directly via USB (no Ethernet available). I will refer to this computer as the 'internet host' computer. Therefore this computer is connected to two subnets: 192.168.0.x, which is the LAN, and 144.x.x.x, which is the ISDN modem's public internet IP address. The 192.168.0.x subnet is set to "Allow sharing" and the other is set to "Strict".
    - The Internet connection wouldn't share with other computers on the local area network and some other things also wouldn't work until I switched to Interactive mode, which consequently asked questions to which I used to create the necessary rules.
    - There is one program, called Online update for RMS, on the Windows 2000 Server computer which is unable to complete all necessary update steps despite the fact that it has successful access to both internet and email.
    - If I disable the ESS firewall on the 'internet host' computer, then the Online update program on the Windows 2000 Server computer works. If the firewall is enabled, then the Online update program doesn't work.
    - The ESS firewall on the 'internet host' computer doesn't log anything that tells me what is being blocked, despite having "Log all blocked connections".
    - I have all options checked under the heading, "Allowed services".
    - I have tried unchecking all "block" rules in the advanced setup for the ESS firewall on the 'internet host' computer but still the issue persists.
    - I have shared the Program Files directory on the Windows 2000 Server where the Online update program resides, then added multiple rules to the ESS firewall on the 'internet host' computer to allow all protocols on all ports, etc, but still the issue persists.

    Short from using Wireshark, can anyone please help me? :doubt:

    - I've tried plugging the ISDN modem into the Windows 2000 Server computer but it doesn't play nicely.
    - ADSL broadband internet isn't an option because of a line issue.
  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Hi !

    It is known issue that internet connection sharing doesn't work in Automatic mode of the firewall . ESET are aware of this and hopefully will fix it in one of the future builds.

    Please , contact ESET at support[at]eset[dot]com and provide them details about this program and your Windows 2000 server . They should test it and see what is going one . After that they will be able to fix it.

    A temporary solution I offer you is to uninstall ESS BE from the computer you call internet host and install ESET Antivirus 3.0 on it . Download it from the Business section at . Your ESS license supports downgrade to lower product such as EAV. Since this internet host is Windows XP computer , you can use Windows Firewall on it . On all other computers you can use ESS with Allow sharing mode or Interactive (if you wish)
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