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    Known Issues

    GUI – User interface not responding if on-demand scan is launched in a new window under some circumstances

    GUI – Numerous redundant notifications (bubbles) displayed after on-demand scan has been completed in some occasions

    GUI – GUI opens blank and remains that way for approximately one minute on Windows 2000.

    GUI – Cloud-powered reputation of files does not work from context menu if

    ESET NOD32 Antivirus/ESET Smart Security is re-installed over an earlier version of ESET

    Removable media – Inserting CD/DVD media may not trigger pop-up for scanning the media if closed automatically when inserted previously.

    Removable media – If a rule is set to allow USB media of a certain size or smaller, it may also allow media of bigger size.

    SysRescue – Smart Scan running from SysRescue CD freezes under some circumstances

    Installer – Issues with potential leftover firewall drivers after uninstallation on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    GUI – Part of the additional information section for Parental control categories is not displayed properly.

    GUI – Corrupt layout of window in Parental control prevents from assigning roles to an account in Windows 2000.

    Firewall – After changing the firewall mode and rebooting, firewall may occasionally not initialize properly.

    Firewall – CPU usage spikes and system reacts very slowly after enabling integration of firewall into Windows 2000 SP2 (32-bit).

    Firewall – If ESET Smart Security is set to always scan SSL protocol, secure connection in Google Chrome does not work.

    Canceling of Scan during scanning of memory could cause several seconds lag

    Execution of actions in the notification window with found infiltrations could not work properly

    HIPS is disabled by default in GUI

    Parental – Icon next to the User Accounts are resized after log off or sleep mode.
  2. Marcos

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    Nov 22, 2002
    There's a link to a KB article containing a list of known issues in my announcement post.
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