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  1. DX2

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    Any good deals on ESET right now anywhere?
  2. DoctorPC

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    Jan 9, 2014
    I was looking for one earlier, this was the best deal I found;

    $38 for a 5 user, 1 year. Not bad.

    I ended up purchased Kaspersky Multi-System(5 machines), for 2 years for $49 just now by stacking coupon codes. Pretty good deal, and I was impressed with how light they've made KAV feel. My F-Secure expires in a few months, and due to some issues, I was going to stop running it anyway. I quit running Bullguard because it got a bit too heavy in recent updates.

    Nod32 or KAV were my choices for 2014.
  3. DX2

    DX2 Guest

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