Errors copying WIN10 snapshots

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Hi All, I did the upgrade to WIN10 successfully on a WIN7 Raxco IR snaphot we'll call #1. When I knew everything was OK I copied the snapshot to a previous WIN7 snapshot we'll call #2. At the end of the copy to #2 I got a little window that came up saying there were 1,979 errors. I booted to #2 and it ran OK, so I copied #2 to #1, and at the end of the copy it said there were 2,125 errors. I thought I'd stop while I'm ahead, and have been using #2 for a week now without incident. update: I just copied #2 to #1 to update #1, and this time there were about 500 errors. That's quite a bit less but there shouldn't be any. I am wondering if anyone else has had this multiple error thing, and if the errors could just be upgrade to WIN10 crap. Does any one have an answer for the errors? Thanks in advance.
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