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    Oct 15, 2013

    your urgent help is requested.
    I have a Laptop with Windows Vista Hoem Premium with SP2 installed.
    On this Laptop I have 320 GB HD with 3 partitions. One partition for the System, the second is for Programs installed by me and the third parttition is used for all data records.
    Because the space left on the third data parttition was e bit low and the space on the system parttition was too big, I decided to transfer some free space from the first partition to the third partition.
    I did this in separate steps. First free some space from the first partition then added the free space to the second partition and so on. Finally I added the free space to the third data parttition.
    And here things went severely wrong. Close to the end of the operation an error occured. The operation was finished and the computer was restarted.
    During the restart a message came on telling me that the operation ended with error code: 0xC00000B5 and that I had to format the partition.
    Of course I did do this, because then I will for sure lose all data in the partition.
    I only thied to run a system restore to a previous date, but without any success. The data on the third partition is unavailable and the sytem keeps telling me to perform a format.
    The rezise operation was done with Paragon Partition Manager™, version (04.05.12 ) Free.

    What can be done to recover the 200+ GB data on this partition?
    All help and suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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