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    Mar 17, 2014

    I'm trying to restore a system image created with paragon hard disk manager 14 in a USB pendrive but I'm doing something wrong.

    I start Paragon Hard Disk Manager, I select the image in the USB drive, I choose the partition to restore and I apply, it gives me a succeded message. After that, my laptop restart and on the boot screen (lenovo) it says:

    Starting Paragon engine
    Please wait

    Some error ocurred: can't open file/archive

    Then my laptop starts windows normaly

    I guess maybe it could be something related with BIOS configuration.

    Thank you


    I tried to BOOT from USB but it doesn't work. I think this is a not bootable restore copy of my system drive. Any idea how to make it work? Could it be posible to make it bootable?

    I'm completely confused about the procedure
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