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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by underdog, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. underdog

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    Aug 12, 2009
    has anybody here used eq secure 3.41? it has been my hips for as long as i can remember since diamondcs stopped developing process guard and matousec listed system safety monitor as not being actively developed.

    if you have used eqseucre before, i have a question about it that you might know the answer to. when eq secure alerts you to a program trying to install or load a driver, is it possible that it gives a false alert? i installed a program called virtual cd 9 as a test. the trial version i installed is here: http://www.virtualcd-online.com/vcd/apps/download/vcddownload.cfm?lg=0

    this program is a virtual dvd rw (as opposed to just a virtual dvd rom like daemon tools). as such, it needs driver(s) to function properly. according to eq secure 3.41 ,the 4 drivers it installs are:

    vdrv9000.sys (i'm not entirely sure of the difference between the capitalized and lower case version)

    if anybody has eq secure installed right now, you can easily verify that these are in fact the 4 drivers it tries to install. if you have any other hips that can prevent driver loading, you will probably also detect at least one of these drivers being installed. but of all the hips i have tried, eq secure is the only one that has alerted me to all 4. why is this? is it a false positive or are the other hips truly unable to detect and prevent driver loading?

    please help! i would really appreciate it if someone could do a test install of the trial of virtual cd 9 and let me know the results, whether you have eq secure or any other hips that can detect the loading of drivers!

    by the way, if there are any eq secure experts out there, could you please tell me what types of files can be loaded as drivers? it makes sense that .sys files can be considered loadable as drivers, but eq secure even says .exe files can be loaded as drivers. what does this mean? i thought .exe files just run! what other files am i missing besides .sys and .exe then?
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