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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Heco, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Mar 8, 2003
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    Hi all :),
    ENCARTA, the famous multimedia encyclopaedia created by Microsoft, is now available through Windows Live Messenger! The Conversagent company (http://www.colloquis.com/) had the good idea to create a robot allowing everybody to have all the content of Encarta at his disposal whenever he wants to. A robot never sleeps LOL
    To take advantage of this new free service, it is very easy: you just have to add the following contact in your buddy list:
    - for english-speaking users : encarta@conversagent.com
    - for french-speaking users: fr.encarta@botmetro.net
    Once the contact added, the robot will appear online under the nickname of "Encarta Instant Answers".
    Then you can and must chat with it as if it was a normal human being LOL and he will answer your question whatever this question is but in the limits of the encarta contents.
    Personaly, i appreciate the quality of this artificial intelligence technology and i am quite impressed by the answers i got with the robot who has a great sense of humour sometimes! :D

    PS: When i begin chatting with the robot, i never forget to say "hello my friend" and he replies very nicely! LMAO

    [EDIT]: i have just asked the robot if he knew Wilders Forum. Hereafter is his reply:
    "Wait please Hervé, i'm searching... You are fooling me with this question. Kidding?
    Stop asking stupid questions PLEASE!"
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