EditPad Pro/Lite(Free) 6.2.0 released

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    Apr 23, 2004
    EditPad Pro/Lite Free 6.2.0
    5 January 2007

    • Explorer and FTP panels: button to minimize the filter settings.
    • Help|Install on Removable Drive: Option to force EditPad to treat any drive as a removable drive.
    • Macros, Favorites and Templates are now saved when you use Options|Export Preferences and Help|Install on Removable Drive.
    • Macros: Add macro playback as a single undoable action to the undo history, rather than adding each action performed by the macro separately.
    • Macros: Macro playback no longer stops if a Replace All command fails to find even a single search match; macro execution still stops when any other search command fails.
    • Macros: Macro playback no longer stops if an action in the macro cannot be executed because its menu item is disabled.
    • Reduced memory usage for the undo history when searching and replacing using literal text.
    • View|New Editor: If EditPad is maximized and configured to split itself in the Editor Preferences, then the two instances will now occupy the full screen instead of the size EditPad would occupy when being "restored".
    • Vista: Installing spell check dictionaries, syntax coloring schemes and file navigation schemes now works properly under Windows Vista with User Account Control enabled.
    Bug fixes:
    • Command line: The /readonly command line parameter made a file read only without indicating so by the tab's color or in the status bar.
    • Edit|Go to Line did not move keyboard focus to the editor, making it appear the command did nothing if the editor didn't have keyboard focus already.
    • EditPad 6.1.2 did not always remember certain things between EditPad sessions. This included the font selected in Options|Font, the last folder used by File|Open, whether to check if EditPad is the default editor, and the last tip shown as the tip of the day.
    • Extra|Spell Check: Interactive spell check sometimes showed "spell check completed" before reaching the end of a (long) file.
    • File|Reload from Disk didn't work for files on FTP.
    • FTP: Login names with @ symbols in them confused EditPad Pro when it needed to look up a server connection to save a file opened from FTP.
    • FTP: The "modified" flag was not properly updated when undoing all changes after saving a file that was opened on an FTP server.
    • Preferences, System: The option to erase history lists did not erase the search history.
    • Search: "loop automatically" did not work when using Find Previous with "all files" turned off.
    • Search: "selection only" skipped the first and last lines in a rectangular selection if it was made from the upper right corner to the lower left corner.
    • Syntax coloring schemes relying on zero-width regex matches like the Ruby scheme did not work properly in EditPad Pro 6.1.x.
    • Syntax coloring was sometimes not updated properly when using "fast" schemes that only highlight the visible part of the file.
    • Tools: Display the proper icon for tools that aren't executable files and display a default icon for executables without icons.
    • Tools: The option to save the selected part of the current file into a new temporary file did not work properly with rectangular selections.
    • Vista: EditPad Pro would lock up when opening a file from Windows Explorer when EditPad Pro is already running and the file's type uses a file navigation scheme.
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