Dynex DX-E401 router and open Linux firmware?

Discussion in 'hardware' started by Gullible Jones, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. Due to noise, power draw, and the possibility of hard drive failure, I'm looking into firewall options other than using an old x86 PC. I'm currently looking into open router firmwares like Tomato and DD-WRT, for my Dynex DX-E401 router (apparently based on a Marvell 88E6218 mainboard).

    Are there any open firmwares that are known to work on this mainboard?

    And if I find one, how would I go about flashing it anyway? I assume the firmware flashing utility in the (current) web interface would not do the job...
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    I have no experience with Dynex routers. :gack:

    BUT, if it will run Tomato, I highly recommend you give it a whirl....:)
  3. Sadly Tomato looks to be for Broadcom-based routers only. :(
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